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101 Ways to Make Money Online

We often recommend earning some
extra income on the side as a method
for paying off debt. Many people reply
that they don't really have a means of
doing so or their situation doesn't allow them any time away from the kids, etc
to have a second job. Here is a list of
101 ways you can earn some extra
cash online to help you out..

Like to Talk? . .
1. Blog for Ad Revenue – Start a blog on a topic you love, build up a reader base
and make money from ads on your
2. Be a Forum Moderator – Keep out the spam and build a community and you
can earn a little cash on the side
moderating forums..
3. Write Articles for Websites – Content is King on websites. Keeping sites
updated with fresh, high quality content
is a chore for website owners and often
outsourced. If you’re a good writer with experience in an area you can make a
living off of it. Debbie Dragon is a
frequent contributor here and also
teaches a class on freelance writing..
4. Be a Guest Author – Some higher quality sites will pay between $50 - $
400 for a solid article on a topic their
readers are interested in. The results are
never assured with this method, but the
rewards are much higher..
5. Get Paid to Post in Forums – No one wants to post in an empty forum, so
webmaster will hire forum posters to
help kick start their forum and make it
look active. Get paid between $0.10 - $
0.25 per post to help get a forum
6. Start a Podcast – Basically the same as with a blog, but with audio or video.
Talk about what you want and make
money from the ads..
7. Get Paid for Forums You Already Talk
On – Many forums offer a revenue share program where you can run your own
ads on threads you create. This is
something Destroy Debt offers. Take
advantage of it..
8. Translate Documents – Automated translation is no substitute for humans.
If you speak a second language,
translate documents and get paid..
9. Be a Life coach or Counselor – Many people would rather talk to a counselor
through the safety of the Internet. Offer
your advice at an hourly rate..
. Are You a Gamer? . .
10. Farm Gold – Regardless of which online game you like to play there’s always people selling in game money
for real money. It may be against the
terms of the game but it isn’t illegal. Just make sure you’re making more than your subscription fee..
11. Participate in Gaming Tournaments
– If you’re good enough consider entering gaming tournaments. Several
of them give away serious cash and
12. Buy In-Game Real Estate – This was popularized by Second Life. Buy and
develop land in the game and it can
fetch you cash in the real world. You
could become a millionaire like Ansche
. 13. Open an In-Game Store – jAnother one from Second-Life. Many people
have made big bucks selling tshirts,
pets, and just about anything else you
can imagine in the game..
14. Be a Tester – A paid game testing job is hard to come by, since so many
people will do it for free, but they do
. Would you Like to Be a Middle Man? . .
15. Put a US Face on an Overseas
Business – People outsource overseas because it’s much cheaper. However due to communication problems and
some bad experience people are also
weary of it. Find some workers
overseas you can trust who have a
particular talent, and open a US store
front offering that service. Charge the premium rates for a US company and
“oversee” the overseas work.. .
16. Organize Forum Posters – When starting a forum many webmasters will
hire posters to get it started. Paying 50
people $5 each is a pain and you never
know the kind of work you ’ll get. Put together a team and provide a one stop
shop for webmasters..
17. Offer Client Referral Exchanges – Programmers often will get more
projects at one time than they can
handle and have to refer them off. Pay
these programmers 10% to refer clients
to you, and charge other developers
20% to send referrals to them. Pocket the difference. The same is true with
other professions..
18. Be a Link Broker – Many people want to buy quality links for their
websites while others want to sell them.
Be the middleman to make these
connections and make a profit on the
price difference..
. 19. Sell Websites and Domains for
Others – Some people have quality websites or domains but either don’t know how or don’t have the time to go about selling them. Provide this service
and charge a 10% fee..
20. Refer Others to Jobs – Many firms will pay referral bonuses of $500-$
1,000+ for referring the right candidate
for a job. Develop relationships with
recruiters and scour job boards for
candidates that fit. Make the connection
and pocket the cash.. . Can You Program? . .
21. Write Software for Resale – I’ve personally bought tools on a number of
occasions I knew I could write myself
just because they were cheap enough
to justify buying them instead of
spending the time to write it..
. 22. Write a Web Component – I’m sure you’ve bought fancy drop down menus, charting, comboboxes, etc
before. If not with your own money
than for a project at work. Write a
component like this and sell it..
23. Develop Websites for Others – This is kind of a no-brainer. Do some side
work, you can probably charge 2-3x
per hour what you get paid for your
day job. Sites like Rent A Coder and
Elance can put you in contact with
buyers.. .
24. Automate Manual Jobs and Charge
per Job – I’ve seen several people asking for forms to be populated from
Google Maps or Yahoo Answers data.
Write a quick app to do this, but charge
per entry the same as if you were
manually doing it..
. 25. Extend Existing Software – Create a plugin, build a storefront package on
top of Amazon Web Services, make a
bulletin board system more SEO friendly,
or whatever you dream up. By
extending the functionality of existing
software, you can quickly build a user base..
26. Start Your Own Search Engine – Not from scratch, Google provides a great
API for you to build your own custom
search engine. Build one around a
certain topic, provide a better design or
give out random prizes. When people
search from your site and click on the ads, you get credit..
27. Build Canned Websites for Resell – Create a website for a particular
industry once, give it a descent admin
and then resell copies of it over and
over. Just swap out the logo, a few
images and you’re good to go. This works especially well for affiliate
marketing websites..
. Ever Heard of Ebay? . .
28. Sell Your Junk on Ebay – The packaging and mailing is a pain, but it
sure beats having a garage sale..
29. Buy Other Peoples Junk and Sell it
on Ebay – Go to garage sales and resell for higher, or buy bulk discontinued
items and sell them off individually..
30. Sell Other Peoples Junk on Ebay for
Them – There’s a store on virtually every corner that does this now. Why
not you?.
31. Create a Virtual Store on Ebay with
Drop Shipping – Create a wide storefront with tons of products. The
beauty is, by working with a private
label drop shipping company you don’t have to actually have these products.
Just order one when you make a sale
and they’ll ship it out for you, with your name on it. You don’t have to deal with the packaging either!.
. Don’t Mind Working in the Real World? . .
32. Take Stock Photos – Take clever photographs and sell them for stock
photos on other websites. Sites like allow you to sell the
same photo to hundreds of websites..
33. Make Stuff to Sell Online – If you can quilt, sew, work with wood or are
descent at any other task, you can
make it and sell it online..
34. Enter Data for Google Maps – Google is currently paying people to take
photos of businesses and enter basic
data such as hours of operation. Go to
the local business complex next to the
grocery store and you can knock out
50 of these in a few hours.. . Got Some Money to Invest? . .
35. Flip Websites or Domains – There are countless websites and domains for sell
every day at places like DigitalPoint,
SitePoint and DnForum. Find the
bargains and turn them around for a
quick profit..
. 36. Buy Profitable Websites and Keep
Them – The standard going price for a small profitable website is 10-12
months earnings. Buy some gems, hang
onto them past 10-12 months and reap
the benefits..
37. Learn the Art of PPC Arbitrage – Put up a simple website that has ads,
affiliate programs or some other source
of revenue. If you can find the right
terms and buy traffic to the site cheap
enough, it’s possible to make a profit on the difference on what you buy the
traffic for and what you sell it for..
38. Become a Day Trader – Better know what you’re doing on this one because it’s just as easy to loose money with it as make it. But it can be quite profitable if
you know what you’re doing.. .
39. Convert E-Currency – There are several forum posts everyday for
people who want to convert some
EGold money into Paypal money, etc.
Offer this service and charge a 5%-10%
fee for it..
. 40. Buy a Fancy Machine – Buy a high tech printer, engraver or automated
sewing machine and charge people for
the items you can produce with it..
. Good with Photoshop? . .
41. Design Logos – Every good business needs a good logo. You may be just the
person to provide it..
42. Design Websites – Why stop with the logo, entire websites need to be
designed. I am horrible at design so
hired Evermark to design this site. Other
webmasters are hiring too..
43. Design Ads – Webmasters still need design work after the site is created.
Create banners and other professional
ads for websites..
44. Draw Cartoons – You may have noticed our section of debt cartoons. I
can tell you I didn’t draw them, it was Dan from Start your
own cartoon business..
45. Design T-Shirts – Come up with a nice image or some interesting text and
sites like CafePress will help you slap it
on a t-shirt and sell it..
46. Design a Seal – Here’s a little secret, most of those “authority seals” you see really don’t mean anything. They just look like they give a site credibility, so
webmasters are willing to buy them
because they improve the conversion
rate. Create your own, make up some
guidelines and charge $300 for
websites to use it.. .
47. Create Digital Scrap Booking
Templates – People love to scrapbook and some prefer to do it on the
computer. Create templates for every
occasion that allow your customers to
just slide in their own photos..
48. Make Clipart and Icons – People still need these. Another option is comment
graphics for sites like MySpace. Build
packages of these, give a few away for
free and sell the rest..
49. Create MySpace Backgrounds – Don’t stop at the comment tags. Myspace is a gold mine for selling simple
customizations if you’re good at it. Create some nice backgrounds and
cash in..
50. Make Photoshop Brushes and Filters
– If you’re a true wiz at Photoshop, extend its functionality and you can
make a fortune.. Have an Artistic Touch? . .
51. Edit Photos for Others – You can restore old photos, or give existing
ones an artistic touch, nice frame, etc.
My brother offers this service for kid’s sports pictures at Zongker Team Pics..
52. Create Video Montages – Have people email you a stack of photos and
put together a nice DVD to music for
weddings, anniversaries, reunions,
funerals, etc..
53. Create Photo Mosaics – You know those nifty pictures that are made up
from 500 smaller pictures. Have
customers send you the digital images
they want to use and you can create
these automatically with software like
Andrea Mosaic.. . Got Talent? . .
54. Record Songs and Sell Online – That is if you don’t suck. With online downloads, record labels are becoming
a thing of the past. If you got the goods,
sell it online at palces like Arkade..
55. Sell Artwork Online – If you can paint, draw, sketch, make caricatures,
etc try selling them online. You may be
surprised how many people are willing
to buy it..
56. Compose Midi’s – Create either your own original creation or your
interpretation of more popular songs
and sell them as midi’s or ring tones.. .
57. Make Videos – Sites like Revver and Break will share ad revenue or even
pay you for your videos. Make
something clever and upload it..
58. Contribute to a Collection – Whether it’s a recipe, short story, poem or whatever. You may not be able to sell it
alone, but could get royalties from
contributing it to a collection..
. Have More Time than Talent? . .
59. Submit to Social Bookmarking Sites
– Just look at the Digital Point Forums and you’ll see tons of people paying for someone to Digg or Stumble their site.
You'll be considered the scum of the
earth by the users of these sites, but will
have a few extra bucks in your pocket..
60. Get Paid to Surf – You won’t make much, you’ll be giving up your privacy and possibly be installing malware, but
this list wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory get paid to surf
61. Take Surveys – A few sites will pay you to complete surveys. Not always in
cash, but sometimes you can get free
samples or points to buy products with..
62. Get Free Samples – You probably won’t find free cash, but hey stock up on all the free samples, mouse pads and
other junk you can find! There are tons
of freebie sites who’ve done the hard work of finding these freebies for you..
63. Enter Contests – If you’ve got some time to kill, enter a few contests. You
may not win the beach house, but I’ve personally won free pizza’s, cell phone accessories and flowers from some local
online contests..
64. Data Entry – Here’s ole faithful. People often need data moved from
one type of document to another, or
written/verbal notes dictated. It’s work pretty much anyone can do..
65. Become a Virtual Assistant – Occasionally people want research
done on anything from finding a certain
car but don’t have time to do it themselves. Provide this research
service for them and charge by the
hour. It's a real industry with it's own
66. Get Paid to Search – With sites like Winzy you can win prizes for searching..
. Do You Know HTML? . .
67. Make Blog/Forum Templates – Pick a popular blog or forum software,
design some nice templates for it and
sell them..
68. Create MySpace Layouts – This is essentially the same task as the blog
templates, but an entirely different
market. You may even be able to reuse
the same template for both purposes..
69. Start an Online Store – Order products wholesale, or drop shipped
and create your own storefront..
70. Start an Affiliate Website – Don’t want to deal with the headaches of
selling your own products? Refer
visitors to someone else’s products and earn a commission..
71. Open a Virtual Storefront – Building your own affiliate site is still too much
work for you? Then don’t, open a virtual storefront hosted by someone
else, using sites like and
72. Offer Paid Reviews From Your
Website – Other website owners will pay you to review their website on your site
or blog. Make from $10-$50 each or
more by offering these reviews..
73. Start a Directory – Build up a quality listing of sites on a given topic and get
other sites to link to this resource. Then
start selling premium listings in this
. Are You Tech Savvy? . .
74. Resell Web Hosting – You can find several sites offering reseller packages
at WebHostingTalk. You just rent the
server space, split it up and resell it.
Occasional support is required..
75. Host Game or Chat Servers – Set up a Linux box in a datacenter and you can
run voice chat and game servers off of it
that are available 24x7. People will pay
to use them..
76. Host Forums – There’s software like SebFlipper that will allow you to host
hundreds of separate forums from a
single web server. Charge your
members to host a forum with you, or
offer it for free and run ads on all the
pages.. .
77. Install Applications for Others – People are constantly getting hung up
and asking for help with installs on
websites. Install software for them and
charge a fee for it..
78. Answer Tech Questions – Sites like ExpertBee provide a place for people to
ask questions and specify a price they
will pay for the answer..
79. Start an Uptime Monitoring Service – There’s software packages out there that will check a website for uptime,
send alerts and provide reports. Buy
one of these packages and resell the
hosted service..
80. Offer Hosted Email – Setting up an email server, blocking spam and
making sure it’s locked to relaying is a pain for most webmasters. Provide an
easy way for them to outsource the
whole service to you..
81. Provide Application Testing – Manually test websites on different OS
and browser combinations and provide
a report of your findings..
82. Provide Load Testing – Put a heavy traffic load against websites an provide
a report of how it responded..
83. Offer an Offsite Backup Service – Rent a server and massive amounts of
storage space from a datacenter and
provide remote storage space via FTP or
other method for a monthly fee per
gigabyte of storage..
. 84. Start a Domain Registrar – Sites like TuCows will let you create your own
private label domain registrar where
you’ll benefit from not only the initial sale, but from renewals..
85. Sell SSL Certificates – Another service offered by TuCows and others is the
ability to resell SSL certificates..
. Have a Knack for SEO? . .
86. Be a Link Builder – Someone who can find good quality links for a website
is worth their weight in gold. Become a
link builder and charge per link or by
the hour..
87. Submit to Directories – Filling out the forms to submit to directories is a pain
but important for webmasters. Most will
gladly pay to have someone else do it
for them..
88. Be a Consultant – Review websites and recommend changes to help
improve search engine rankings. Slap it
together in a professional looking
report and you can charge several
hundred to a few thousand dollars per
website.. . Know Something About Something? . .
89. Become an Guide – will pay you a very nice
percentage of ad revenue from the
section you’re a guide of.. .
90. Write eBooks – These are hard to sell but if you really have the info others
want you can make it work..
91. Teach an Online Course – Many colleges are looking for part time
teachers for both their online and in-
classroom courses..
92. Sell Instructional Videos – It’s got to be something people want, but if you’re truly an expert on a topic, others will
pay to learn what you know..
93. Start a Subscription Website – Provide new scrapbooking techniques,
recipes or any other advice on a regular
basis and charge for a membership..
. Are You Opinionated? . .
94. Review Software – Developers are looking for honest feedback on their
work and are willing to pay for it. Use a
site like SoftwareJudge to get paid for
providing this feedback..
. Don’t Have a Conscience? . .
95. MySpace Blast People – Create an account, recruit all the friends you can
and then send them bulletins with
advertisements. You’ll loose a lot of ‘friends’ but you will make some money at it..
96. Do Homework for Others – It’s completely wrong of course, but you
can get paid to do it..
. Don’t Mind Annoying Your Friends? . .
97. Sell Products Via Email – Gone are the days of Avon, Tupperware and
Arbonne parties. Just email your friends
and family the the current specials and
have them email back the orders..
98. Send Out Cards – Another great program for marketing to your friend
and family is SendOutCards. They send
out physical Christmas, birthday and
other cards on your behalf and pay for
. 99. Refer Them to Surveys – Not only can you fill out surveys yourself, now
there’s a second tier where you can refer friends to take surveys and earn
money and gifts for doing so..
. Don’t Want to Actually Work? . .
100. Sell Unused CPU Cycles – Why do work yourself when your computer will
do it for you? Sites like CPU Share let you
sell your extra computer cycles. Just
make sure you’re making enough to cover the cost of electricity..
. Want More Traditional Work? . .
101. Telecommute – Hit up your favorite online job board for jobs marked as
telecommute. Most you can do entirely
online from your home..
Surely from this list you can find something you can do to make some
extra money online. If you have any
additional suggestions we forgot,
please let a comment. .
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