Saturday, 13 August 2011

American Accent and Pronunciation

Of- ov
The (da) chair , the (thee) apple
The job of a resume- da jabova resoomay
The job of an interview-da jabovan innerview
Practice and know-practizend know
Is- iz (s becomes z if preceded by a vowel
This is cute –dheeziz cute.

Internet- innernet
International- innernational
Better, butter- bedder, badder.
Written –rit’n
Brittain- brit’n
Show your abilities- showyorabilidiz
What’s your name?- whachoor name?
City- cidy- becomes d when preceded by a vowel
My name is Anne - ma neymizann
Record(v) re-cord’, record (n) record
Project(v) pro-ject’ project (n) project
Tree- tree
This- dhiz th is voiceless, thus uses vibration
Thick-th is voiced !theek
That, this, there, they them, those, that-has vibration.
Wanted- waned- t become n when preceded by n.


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