Monday, 15 August 2011

Elance Experience

I'm surfing when suddenly I came across with elance! I got curious so I immediately open elance and made an account today. It's a nation wide site for contractors aspiring to be hired and clients looking for contractors to do the work. There's so much to do the first time. Timed-online tests for each skills you post and many more. What I want to share here is the happiness I felt in taking the exam. Quite pressured and challenged to pass every exam in just one take. You can re-take exams at a maximun of 5 times but just dont like the idea to try it 5 times just to have a high score. For me, once is enough as long as it a passing 60% or higher. Just finished passing 2 skills test just now.haha..

Tips: make sure you have a stable connection. I'm always disconnected and have wasted lots of time.hehe.. Every second counts in having a high score. Also have a battery just in case there's a power interuption.

I will continue to take the exam some other time and will be updating my experience afterwards.

I strongly believe that elance will be of great help to achieve my online goals. Click here and have your own elance experience too. Have fun and be productive!


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